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Aug. 16th, 2010

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my b****day~woohoo

so my bday 2day..nothing special..
i'm juz freaking excited because
UKISS ALEXANDER's DAD reply my msg..
cuz i have been..like stalking him..
lol..tht's it.. 
and..last year,during my bday..i went to a cosplay event..
tbh,not on purpose..
and the cosplayer wish me 2day..
i know,nothing special..but i'm really move by tht..haha>_<
and~last year also,it's the 1st time i know Royal Pirates
right after my bday,thanks the cosplayer tht i knew them.. 
i bet they will be big in korea next year..
they are now trainning under unknown company they don't want to share the company's name
well,wht i wanna say is tht they have been replying my Q in formspring.me
until they went to korea to train..
kinda sad,but i wish them luck~

and HSJ gonna release DVD CON..man..i wish i get tht for my bday-"-
tht's all..some taste of my life lately..


Mar. 6th, 2010

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just wanna write something~

arhhhh~[clearing my throat]
seem tht 2010 is "idol + fan ≠ together year"
hurmm..we can see an example:
2pm and hottest is having "drama"
and also iFan of Jump not satisfy about NYC..
owh,there's even a news bout NYC in local newspaper yesterday...
well..i dunno bout Y and C....
i have been enough for yamada but,i still look forward for Hidarime Tantei EYE dvd...
i dunnolah -_-||
i have first 20min watch the making HnS..not like i expected ~_~|| sad2...
they just WORK....
just finished exam this week..ah~i'm free!!

Feb. 11th, 2010

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Finally!The PV sneak-peak[?] is out...

Am I excited?no really~but i missed them damn much!!! I like Inoochi's hair and Ryutaro..It remind me,UMP..haha^^i like Yuyan in short hair more...still,i don't get the PV concept..@_@  I'm really looking forward for the making..i missed how they play around with 10 of them..erm~why 24th seem far away?!
anyway,2morrow we'll celebrate laaylersz birthday and make chocolate for ourselves for hey!say!jump..i will try to writ HEY!SAY!JUMP carefully..or should i make chocolate tht have HSJ shape?..later~


Jan. 31st, 2010

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kochi~see more picture!!Collapse )

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Yabu-kun is turning 20!!!I can't believe~_~ later,Yuyan will be 20 follow by Inoochi and hika-chan..huhu-_-||
Yabu need more meat!!I want to him to has a NORMAL body weight..not skinny~
ah~btw..on 29 Jan..tht is last friday..me, laaylersz and my others friends throw a birthday party for Yabu-kun..
we make our own birthday cake..hehe^^sorry no pic yet..laaylersz  didn't upload the pic yet..
ma~it's a chocolet cake..it's surpisingly oishii!!hehe^^

unrelated news..my brother went to KL on 28 Jan..i seriously want to ask him to buy magazine and jk-pop goodies sell in berjaya times square.. but,he wasn't tht sporting type of brother..but,b4 he went to KL,he said tht he had downloaded IRIS full ep..haha^^tht make my day..
huhu~_~ i really put an effort to beg my father to go to KL...he said,i can go if there's a long holiday..the i said,there's a long holiday this may[?] and then he said tht we need to go to Miri..tsk.tsk..if my sister went to KL,i can ask her..


Dec. 31st, 2009

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haPpY nEwYeaR eVeRYoNe =|

happy newyear 2010 everyone!!!

buhbye 2009..hello 2010!!Collapse )


Oct. 29th, 2009

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at last!!


Oct. 24th, 2009

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mykpop world~i'm fangirling!!

I just wanted to do this quote:

I AM the HOTTEST VIP's PRIMADONA from SHINee WORLD don't ever think to KISS ME or you will get my special TripleS slap!!

got the fanclub's name??
VIP- Big Bang

i'm also the new boyband fans,,BEAST and MBLAQ and not-tht new group SHU-I..waiting for the next boyband CHILD OF EMPIRE...wo0t~if september the month of bad luck for boyband regardless jaebeom case and plagiarism issue of G-dragon i think month of october is quite good because of SHINee&SS501 comeback stage,new debut and new drama.. but still,there some bad case in october Kangin DUI case,,unfortunately i'm not ELF..boycott regardless jaebeom's departure have no sign to stop.. waiting for november to come,,i have the no-so-good feeling 2pm going to release album,wee~i'm happy i hope the remaining 6 have the support not boycott..and also,i hope tht JYP doesn't think like this "good support..no need jaebeom"
ahaha,,mykpop world is full of happiness,but myJump world..i just read mag to know their latest activities..
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just wanted to survey~

Is there any SARAWAKIAN Jump's fan??around KUCHING and MIRI??
I hope there were some of you~i doing this because,,so tht one day we can do a meet-up..
mind leave a comment if you're one of them^^and discuss when we're going to do a meet-up??
leave a comment with this  form?

live at:

Oct. 17th, 2009

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My collection Part 2!!

okay...I have a lot of pirate dvd drama..haha^^becuz I'm binbo!!
  1. Gokusen 1
  2. Gokusen 2
  3. Hana yori Dango 1
  4. 1 Litre no Namida
  5. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
  6. Yukan Club
  7. Gokusen 3
  8. 1 pound no Fukuin
  9. Ryusei no Kizuna
  10. Kami no Shizuku
  11. Atashinchi no Danshi
  12. Ghost Friend
  13. Buzzer beat
lot of them in my friend hand right now...
next time i went to the dvd shop,,
i'm going to buy Last Friend and Ghost friend. if there was Buzer Beat i'm going to buy it..

and one pirate k-drama..Shining Inheritence

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